King like T.I. but in the Chi, Larry.

Long Slow Distance (LSD)

Paid a visit to Big Bertha at Waterfall Glen this morning for a nice and easy run among friends.

Started off at 7:30, the weather was 16 degrees with 10 mph winds.  Real feel was about 6 degrees if I’m not mistaken.  Needless to say, once we got moving all was well.  Did a loop (9.5 mi) and some change at approximately 9:20 min/mi.  Went to Blueberry Hill Breakfast Cafe and Pancake House post-run for brunch.  Good company, good run and good food, can’t complain.

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  2. billhinton said: My running has been almost obsolete for the past month…maybe reading this will get me motivated. Maybe.
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